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Social Media and Event Planning

Planning any event - from a cocktail party to a weeklong convention - can be lot of work. There are hundreds of details to take into account involving food, location, guest lists, programming, etc. The scale of your invitations, promotions, documentation and follow-up will vary event to event, but these areas can be simplified with help from social media platforms.

A Mashable.com article about social media and event planning provides a nice checklist to start with. But there are alternatives to any of the suggested platforms. For example, we've used Evite.com for smaller events and found that the pre-party social exchanges occurring there can generate excitement and increase RSVPs. We do like the suggestion to establish an event #hashtag early on, to keep event comments on the same Twitter page.

One task that may add some time to your event work is the e-media monitoring that must take place. Keep up with comments on various platforms: address the negatives, and expand and reinforce positives with more comments, photos, videos or re-tweets.

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