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Bill Nordquist featured on SPEED TV website

Motorcycle historian and author Larry Lawrence recently wrote an account of our glory days as PR road warriors for the American Motorcyclist Association's AMA Superbike Championship. Weekends at the racetrack media center were demanding and hectic, but in between crises we managed to find ways to have some fun.

Larry's account of how I bested him in a scooter racing duel is accurate, but I certainly had an edge. Politeness prevents me from saying just how much, but we can safely say I weighed a bit less than Larry at the time. Larry had raced as an expert amateur and he's a dogged competitor in any endeavor he decides to undertake. I know that if we made any adjustments for parity, Larry would have left me in the dust.

SPEED TV's online editors picked up the story from Larry's blog, TheRiderFiles.com, and were entertained enough by it to run a headline link.

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