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How to Avoid Deceptive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Practices

Deceptive search engine optimization (SEO) practices are often referred to as "black hat" techniques. They are deceptive because they attempt to trick search engines into ranking a site higher than it should be, and they lead a customer to believe the desired results are guaranteed and permanent. The results are usually short lived (if at all) and can cause a site to be excluded from certain search engines.

Genuine search optimization practices focus on content that is of real value to real people. The saying, "If people love you, Google will love you," holds true. The process will always take time, as search engines value longstanding content that is regularly visited by new readers. Of course, there are other legitimate methods of ensuring your site is found by search engines, but beware any promises of easy results or magic "link building" techniques.

Read more about how to avoid deceptive SEO practices in this article from smallbiztrends.com contributor Janet Meiners Thaeler.

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